Dr. Henry Shovic is a member of the Department of Ecology at Montana State University, Bozeman, MT, Shovic Associates, LLC, and the Rocky Mountain Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit in Missoula, MT.

Creating an Environment for Problem Solving:

Project Services and Applied Resource Geography/Remote Sensing/GIS/Decision Support


U. S. Army - RC-East Afghanistan Assistance with Watershed Evaluations and Land Treatment Implementations - Contract Nov 2011 to Mar 2012

NEW!  Summaries of My Work in Afghanistan

Scope of Work

District-wide Irrigation Analysis Map

Hydropower Canal Sediment Analysis Map

Hydropower Canal Sediment Analysis Document

Project Status Map as of Oct 2011

Project Status Map as of Feb 2012 (new contract)

Contract Specification Map Example

Contract Specification Document Example

Contract Project Location Example

Recon Study of Watershed Example

Dam Site Review Example

Draft powerpoint on our project philosophy and background

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