Dr. Henry Shovic is a member of the Department of Ecology at Montana State University, Bozeman, MT, Shovic Associates, LLC, and the Rocky Mountain Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit in Missoula, MT.

Creating an Environment for Problem Solving:

Project Services and Applied Resource Geography/Remote Sensing/GIS/Decision Support


Here are my projects from Sept. 2008 (retirement date) to July 2015

Community Health Partners Market Area Analysis (2015)

Vaughn Fire Service Area Levy Audit (July 2015)

Final Report

Powder River County, Montana projects  (June 2015)

County Emergency Run Maps (Examples)
 Fire District Resource Map
FIRESAFE data input and analysis system

Greater Yellowstone Area White Bark Pine Climate Change Project (Oct 2014)

Final Report

Rae-Sourdough Fire Department Geospatial Work (June 2014)

Rae Fire Service Area Resource Map
Sourdough Fire Service Area Resource Map

Fort Ellis Volunteer Fire Dept., Bozeman, MT (June 2014)

Fire Service Area Resource Map
Fort Ellis Fill Site Book Update
Levy Updates: Geospatial Analysis of the Fire Service Area
Fort Ellis Run Book
Fort Ellis Critical Resources Interstate 90
Fort Ellis Wildland Briefing Maps

Yellowstone National Park Climate Change Project (Sept 2013)

Soil Water Holding Capacity Estimation for Yellowstone Soils
Soil Property Estimation for Yellowstone Weather Stations using Remote Sensing

National Park Service Climate Change Work (May 2013)

  published an article titled:
Using landscape patterns, climate projections, and species distribution models to map future potential habitats for desert tortoise,
Shivwits milk-vetch, and American pika in Zion National Park, Utah
by David Thoma and Henry Shovic, Park Science (Spring/Summer, 2013)

Submitted through the National Park Service Northern Colorado Plateau Network

The Final Document is here.

U. S. Army - RC-East Afghanistan Assistance with Watershed Evaluations and Land Treatment Implementations - Contract Nov 2011 to Mar 2012

NEW!  Summaries of My Work in Afghanistan

Scope of Work

District-wide Irrigation Analysis Map

Hydropower Canal Sediment Analysis Map

Hydropower Canal Sediment Analysis Document

Project Status Map as of Oct 2011

Project Status Map as of Feb 2012 (new contract)

Contract Specification Map Example

Contract Specification Document Example

Contract Project Location Example

Recon Study of Watershed Example

Dam Site Review Example

Draft powerpoint on our project philosophy and background

Climate Change and Four Species Survival in Zion National Park, Cedar Breaks National Monument, and Bryce National Park - Completed Dec 2011

Final Report

Analytical Support for Death Valley National Park: Climate change and species ranges project development; Soil inventory synthesis

completed Dec 2010

Final Report

Yellowstone National Park - Analysis of potential impacts from mechanical treatments of fuels near developed areas

completed Nov 2010

Final Report

Death Valley National Park - Analysis and comparison of vegetation cover from aerial photos of the Eureka

Valley dune complex from 1975 to 2009 - completed July 2010

Final Report

U. S. Army: Southeast Afghanistan Water Resources Study: Remote-sensing based watershed potential, condition, and management recommendations for

295 potential irrigation projects, and a spatial decision model for prioritization - Completed May 2010

Findings and Methods paper presented at the American Society for Civil Engineers Annual Meetings, August 2010

Summary: Final Report on Water Resource Assessment and Watershed Restoration

Decision Support Models for Irrigation Dams

Decision Support Models for Watershed Restoration

Final Report on Water Resource Assessment and Watershed Restoration (7 mB)

Resource Support for Field Personnel in Afghanistan


National Park Service: Arches and Canyonlands National Park: Trail management site analysis, landscape-based spatial analysis,

and literature review -Completed April 2009

NOTE: All documents and maps are compressed for ease of downloading. Quality of images is lower.

Project Description and Proposal

Decision Support Model for Trails Management

Landscape/Soils Interpretive Map

Bio-soil crust analysis - Map

Bio-soil crust analysis - graphic

Landscape Visualization

Arches - Devil's Garden Trail Review

Canyonlands - Fort Bottom Trail Review

Canyonlands - Salt Creek Road Review

Final Project Report

U. S. Forest Service: Ecosystem Management Decision System Implementation - Completed Dec 2008



Henry Shovic, PhD

Shovic Associates, LLC and
member of the Rocky Mountain Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit in Missoula, MT through the
Department of Ecology at Montana State University, Bozeman, MT

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