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When There's Only You: Safe Living for Women


My Safe Living Seminars phase ended in 2005.
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Dr. Henry Shovic

Practical Safe Living and Self Protection

Self protection is a life style, as well as a life skill.  You can learn to live safely while still enjoying living.  Use the four pillars of Safe living: Awareness, Confidence, Training, and Support Systems to avoid problems first, escape them if avoidance doesn't work, and survive those you can't escape.  Through the Safe Living System, Dr. Shovic has helped thousands of people begin this life journey.  His seminars can help you too.

Employee Safety and Self Protection

New High School Programs

Women's Self Protection

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"participants liked [the] class the best of all the classes at the conference"

K. Christensen,Montana Dept. of Trans. 2005

"They're not going to get this [training] anywhere else."

high school Principal 2007

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